Why is my pomegranate tree dropping flowers

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The pomegranate tree is a tree that can be used for different purposes, it can be used as an ornamental tree in your garden, in order to get a good collection of pomegranates or you can even create beautiful bonsai of pomegranate trees. Depending on the objective we have for our pomegranate tree, we must perform one type of pruning or another. In this case we are going to give some tips on pruning a bonsai pomegranate tree.

From Agrogojar nurseries we hope that these tips on pruning pomegranate trees will help you and that you can put into practice these techniques to show off a beautiful pomegranate tree and a great production. Also the tricks about pruning bonsai pomegranate trees.

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One of the most beautiful times of the pomegranate tree of Elche is its flowering. Months in which a map of colors is drawn where the flowers will become fruit going from the orange of the flowers to the green color of the fruit.

The incomplete (wrongly called male) are the most numerous, about 1,500 in an adult tree and none of these flowers will become fruit. On the other hand, in an adult pomegranate tree between 250 and 300 complete flowers (wrongly called female) can be found and, of these, between 30 and 70 percent will set to become fruit, as Julián Bartual, director of the Agricultural Experimental Station of Elche, points out.

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Pomegranate trees are fruit trees with green leaves that can reach 6 meters in height, although in their version called “nana” they measure about 40 centimeters. Its fruit is the pomegranate, an exquisite delicacy that will be good not only to taste as a fruit but it is fantastic to use as a complement in various dishes and thus get a very original flavor.Like all trees and plants, the pomegranate also needs special care to develop properly, so take note and you will always get the most out of it.

Thank you for answering me! I am from the province of San Juan, Argentina. We are bordering Chile, separated by the Andes mountain range. Our climate is dry, with good thermal amplitude. Where my pomegranate trees are is in the southeast of the province, colder than other places and I also have olive trees, arbequina variety.

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The reason why the Pomegranate Flower deserves a separate mention is because this tree is widely used in gardening, not only for its fruit, but also for the beauty of its flower. In fact, there is a variety that does not produce pomegranates but produces very large orange flowers whose stamens have turned into petals giving the appearance of large bursting carnations.

The pomegranate flower is astringent and tonic. It is taken in infusion and cooked. It is recommended to quickly cut diarrhea, to expel worms, to cure blennorrhea, leucorrhea and urinary irritations and diseases in general.

To prepare the infusion 30 grams of flowers are used per liter of water, letting them stand for 15 minutes. The flowers that fall from the tree without having borne fruit are more efficient. In general, all parts of the pomegranate tree have these properties, especially the juice of its fruit, the pomegranate.

You already know that there is no reason that prevents you from planting a pomegranate tree at home. A vigorous, beautiful species with impressive flowers, which in addition to giving a rich and fresh fruit, will help you as a healthy infusion.