Why is my cactus mushy at the bottom

Because my cactus bends

Cacti and crassulas are plants belonging to the cacti family, that is, those that accumulate water in their tissues to adapt to dry and hot environments. They are also hardy varieties that require very little care.

The Cactaceae family is the best known of the succulent plants, those that accumulate water in their tissues to adapt to the habitat where they grow. Most cacti or cacti defend this water reserve with thorns and, although they resemble each other, there are numerous types and varieties.

Although cacti tolerate arid soils, if they are grown in a more nutritious soil, their growth is more vigorous and their flowering much more spectacular. A standard substrate for cacti should have porosity, moderate nutrient richness, medium moisture retention and pH close to 6.

If the plant stops growing, acquires a bad color or the roots come out of the drainage holes, it means that it is necessary to transplant it. The new pot should be slightly larger than the old one. For cacti it is better to use clay pots or bowls. At the bottom of the pot is placed a layer of drainage (volcanic soil, clay or gravel) and a layer of soil for cacti.

My cactus turned yellow at the base

Each material has its own characteristics and should be treated differently. For example, you can pour soil and grow a plant, such as a nice cactus, directly inside a cement or ceramic pot. On the other hand, if you opt for a woven basket, you will probably have to put a plastic pot inside so that the water does not run out.

With a drainage hole at the bottom of the plant, the risk of overwatering is minimized, as the water will overflow through it. Just place a saucer under the pot to catch the water and prevent it from spilling onto the soil.

Another way to help with drainage and ventilation is to put a pot inside your pot. When you buy a plant, you will get it in a plastic pot. You can put it in a larger pot without having to transplant it. If you overwater it, the water will run out of the inner pot and stay in the other, easier to empty. In addition, there will be ventilation between the two pots.

How to recover an overwatered cactus

“The star cactus, like all cacti and succulents, has the ability to store water in its leaves and trunks. Therefore, in its cultivation, care must be taken not to overwater.” The expert says that proper watering should only occur when the substrate is dry.

You should know this, but it is good to remember: the cactus is a natural desert species, that is, a dry environment, but with very strong lighting. That is why it is important that it takes the sun an average of 5 hours a day at a time.

Cacti seem to be perfect for the house, don’t they? Because it does not need a lot of water, it is not a plant for the home, because when it is retaining water, the cactus stirs emotions and makes us more sensitive. Also, they have a lot of thorns and can change our moods.

How not to kill your cactus by drowning The vase should have a drainage hole, a hole in the bottom so you don’t drown your cactus. Only water the soil, don’t water the whole plant. Giving more water than the cactus needs will only waterlog the root and rot the plant.

Porque el cactus se pone marrón

Cada pedido debe diseñarse, fabricarse, comprobarse y someterse a un control de calidad antes de su envío. Aunque esto suele tardar un día, durante los periodos de máxima actividad puede tardar un poco más. En caso de urgencia, por favor notifíquemelo inmediatamente.

Tenga en cuenta que todas mis impresiones se hacen por encargo, por lo tanto, por favor notifique tan pronto como sea posible si ha cambiado de opinión (dentro de las 6 horas de la compra), ya que este es el tiempo típico antes de empezar a fabricar los pedidos.

Mi recomendación es instalar el papel pintado 3 semanas después de pintarlo. Tampoco recomiendo aplicar el papel pintado en las paredes pintadas con pintura de látex – esto puede trabajar inicialmente, pero con el tiempo puede despegarse.

Mi material “despegar y pegar” se puede volver a colocar si es necesario después de la aplicación. Por favor, asegúrese de que su pared está preparada correctamente ya que el papel pintado autoadhesivo puede rasgar revestimientos viejos o mal preparados durante la reaplicación.

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