Does passion fruit ripen off the vine

Passion fruit seeds are eaten

In its edible seeds we can find considerable amount of soluble fiber. I write about healthy lifestyle, food and fruit, lots of fruit. I also like to communicate ideas for an active and healthy life.

Passion Fruit ripens at room temperature and can be kept in the refrigerator for days. For those who are intolerant to milk, it is also great with a vegetable drink. For all these reasons, it ended up being called passion fruit.

In addition, the crunchy touch of the seeds can go really well with the creaminess of the iogurt. Using passion fruit, one of the most typical desserts of Brazilian gastronomy can be prepared. Basically, the juice of this fruit is mixed with cream and condensed milk to make a snack that, although quite caloric, is very tasty and sweet. When evaluating this fruit, it is enough to cut it in half to extract the edible seeds that make up the pulp. It can be eaten raw with the peel, but the white covering between the peel and the pulp has a bitter taste that does not usually please each and every palate. Culinarily speaking, it offers different options to taste it.

Passion fruit because it is called that way

masculine term that comes from the Portuguese maracuj√°, and this from the Tupi mboruku’ya, “fruit that is used” or “food in the gourd”. It identifies the edible fruit of the passionflower (Passiflora edulis), of the Passifloraceae family, a climbing plant native to tropical, subtropical and temperate zones.

The RAE also states that the curious name of passionflower would refer to the resemblance of the plant itself or the flower with the attributes of the passion of Jesus Christ. This name was given by Jesuit missionaries in the seventeenth century, as the plant recalls iconic elements such as the whip, the nails or the crown of thorns.

The skin is thin, smooth, wrinkling in the most mature specimens, and also edible, although it is usually discarded, as with the mango. Inside there is a first layer of whitish or yellowish flesh, more or less thick, which keeps the really edible content of the fruit, the orange gelatinous pulp full of juicy seeds.

Native to the American tropical regions, it is believed that the passion fruit plant is native to the Amazonian areas, although when the European settlers first came into contact with this fruit it was already widely spread throughout the central and southern part of the continent.

Passion fruit flower and fruit

Although Passiflora ligularis has excellent performance and a long journey time, it is shipped with the highest level of care (the fruit is shipped with individual protection), and with specific temperature control to preserve its flavor, freshness, texture and aroma.

We comply with EU quality standards contained in Regulation (EC) No. 1580/2007, which specifies that imports of fresh fruit and vegetables from third countries must comply with EU general marketing standards or their equivalent.

In addition, the production of packaging uses fewer natural resources and helps reduce the use of water, energy and the emission of greenhouse gases and the production of volatile organic compounds.

The shipment of passion fruit by airfreight is subject to a permanent process of continuous improvement, as well as upgrades to new packaging methodologies, bags with special coatings and the application of controlled atmospheres to always guarantee the cold chain.

Passionflower fruit is eaten

Passion fruit is eaten raw, without cooking or removing the seeds, i.e., it can be eaten directly once opened. It is also used in fruit salads, jams, smoothies, juices and desserts. In addition, the oil extracted from its seeds can be used in the manufacture of soaps, inks or varnishes.

This fruit has a high percentage of water, is very rich in vitamins and minerals, provides a large amount of fiber and has a low calorie intake. Its consumption also controls blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the body and its properties reduce muscle aches and headaches. They relax the body helping to combat stress.