Yes, pet rabbits can eat peas and their plants the same way. But again, don’t forget to present it to him in the right quantities and in the right way. Split peas should never be used as a substitute for their well-balanced diet, even if your pet ends up loving them too much.

The safe and recommended dosage of split peas for pet rabbits is that only one pea should be fed for every 4 lbs of your pet’s body weight. However, if you’re not sure how much your rabbit weighs, you can try weighing it at the veterinary clinic. Two teaspoons of split peas is already more than enough for a day for fully grown adult rabbits.

Can rabbits eat dry peas or cooked peas?

Do not feed dried peas to rabbits, as this may increase the danger of gastrointestinal stasis. Rabbits can eat cooked peas, but they won’t taste as good as fresh raw peas.

You have to be careful with young rabbits at each new food. For the first six weeks, bunnies should be dependent on their mother’s milk. They are then transferred to hay (and some pellets). Only then can other foods be introduced, and it’s best to do it a little at a time, one new food at a time. This is because young rabbits have extremely delicate digestive systems that are easily disturbed.

Can rabbits eat peas?

It depends. Rabbits can eat peas in moderation as a treat. Give them while they are still young as the seeds are almost flat i.e. without large pods. Various varieties of Chinese, snow (Chinese) and sugar peas are safe for bunnies.

However, please do not give your rabbits semi-ripe or dried as they are unhealthy and dried ones present a choking hazard.

Contains carbohydrates and sugars

Rabbits also need carbohydrates and sugars to stay active and alive.

Their bodies need a source of energy to perform physical activities.

Final Thoughts

Although not toxic when eaten in moderation, peas should not be part of a rabbit’s normal diet. Peas can cause a lot of stomach upset and other health problems for your rabbit. For this reason, you should avoid feeding your rabbit peas. If your bunny really loves peas, then you can give him some peas as an occasional treat. Remember that the rabbit’s digestive system is different from ours and that our favorite food can sometimes be deadly for our little friend.

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