Example Tours

  • Mountain Hikes

    Some of the most exhilarating days I’ve had have been when I’ve been walking up in the Caucasus mountains. You do not see another person, apart from the occasional shepherd, and will literally just hear the silence; it’s

  • Pick & Mix Tours

    If you would like to base yourself in Baku for a few days, but still explore beyond the city, then there are many options you can choose from. Several of the sites are in the

  • 9 days in Azerbaijan

    Our 9 day, 8 night, tour is for groups of up to 8 and will show you the highlights of Azerbaijan in a fairly relaxed manner, so no rushing around to cram everything in

  • ‘Must-See’ two-day tour of Baku

    Over the years, I have had many friends come to visit me and want to see the sites of Baku, and I’ve become adept at squeezing in the ‘must-see’ sites in to a couple